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Thursday, August 09, 2007

[Time: 12:14]
[Listening 2: TV]
[Eating/Drinking: apple juice and grapes]
[Wearing: yellow top, jeans, green tank]
[itinerary: go to grandma's]

hiya guys! well it's thursday, that means tomorrow i get to go shopping at santee! :D I'm so excited. also our mama gets here tomorrow night. i've been at auntie o's for the majority of the week, we went to the imax and the museum, and yesterday we went to Fry's electronics to check out this $50 mp4 player, of course i'm not gonna be spending myyy money, but i might buy this 2gb flash drive for $19 i had to get a raincheck though. anyways just goin over to grandma's today, ttyl!!

happy birthday mama! (aug 8 07)

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