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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Summer Stuff...

[Time: 22:24]
[Listening 2: the dripps of a portable a/c]
[Eating/Drinking: pasta, salad, water]
[Wearing: black skort, brown tanktop]
[itinerary: shower!!]

Hiya Guys! I'm in Cali, we had a weeird day. First around 4:30 the toilet started FLOODING it just wouldn't stop!

We tried to soak up as much of the damage as possible but then it started seeping into the kitchen,

we were all panicking, then I go downstairs to the garage and the pipe is leaking and the water from upstairs is going through the ceiling.

I was supposed to start cooking around 5 so the food would be ready when Auntie Sherry came home but since all that happened she said to wait until she came home before we used the water again. Then she had to pull up the carpet in the bathroom cuz it was all soaked through, and she hated having carpet in the bathroom of all places anyway.

So eventually I got to work and made this lovely meal (you can find a version of the recipe here):

Then we went and got Auntie's car from across the street since she didn't want to park it in the garage till a plumber fixed the pipe, and the little light said she needed to get it serviced. Not a great day for auntie's stuff. So it was this whole thing today, and I really need a shower, it's soo hot and I had to kneel down in that toilet water to try and get it to stop. Argh. Here's some photos from our trip to woodland(etc) though:

Oh and here's a cute picture I found from earlier this year:

:) that's my summer!! ttyl!

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