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Friday, June 22, 2007

[Time: 14:54]
[Listening 2: "Rhythm of the Night"]
[Eating/Drinking: watermelon, awesome italian sandwhiches/water]
[Wearing: black shorts/shirt]
[itinerary: see below]

Hey guys!!! Well I did what I needed to, I cleaned my room and now I have to go do my clothes. :P But I'm glad cuz now it will be easier for me to pack this upcoming week. :D I also cleaned the bathtub earlier so it's clean and fresssh. Although dad told me to clean it with Clorox, and I feel as if I may be allergic to it, if that's possible. After I clean out my clothes I need to assemble a miniature version of my art supplies, hygiene supplies and jewelry. Then I can just throw them into my suitcase later too. Ahhh so I had one productive day this week! n_n yay!

So anyways, I'll ttyl.

Oh yeah my lunch was good today, I fixed some yummy gourmet sandwiches, using the nice french bread from COSTCO, some italian deli meats, deli-turkey, and some mexican cheese blend. It's so gewd. Then I cut up some watermelon... which I gotta go finish now... LATER!!!!

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