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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Changing Outfits

[Time: 14:19]
[Listening 2: nothin]
[Eating/Drinking: sushi/apple juice]
[Wearing: black shorts/tank]
[itinerary: clean]

Hiya! As you can see I changed my layout again!! I like this one though.... just so ya know I meant for the picture to be a little crude. It's supposed to look like a kiddie doodle or something. I spent most of the time drawing it just right, extracting the picture wasn't too hard. :)

Today I slept in late again!! Argh. But then I got up and did this, doodled, ate, watched a cartoon with Amara. I still haven't cleaned my room yet. I better do it soon, so it will be easier for me to pack later.... I'll do it tonight... hopefully.

So anyways, still nothin new. I think I'll call my chicadees and see if they want to have a sleepover or a movie night over here. Have to ask mi parentalz though. So yeah I'll stop boring you now!


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