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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Back Home Once More

[Time: 22:45]
[Listening 2: Avril Lavigne "Mobile"]
[Eating/Drinking: Taco, coke]
[Wearing: blue rib tank, hawaiian blue print skort]
[itinerary: design dad's webpage]

heya guys! well I just got home last night, and omg my bffs Eire and Colleen came to meet me at the airport! hahaha it was like 1 am cuz our flight got delayed a little in Atlanta, not totally sure why. Anyways, today I stayed in and unpacked and organized all my stuff, my room is lookin good especially since I got some organizers in CA and dad gave me this super funky cute desk! :) So happy. I can't wait to paint the room, fix up the desk and do some other stuff, I sorta wanna buy some little pieces of furniture to finish up my side of the room, or maybe just some oversized pillows. idk yet. I sorta wanna find some way to get rid of that drawer set, or find some other way to use it better. I'm not sure yet! anyways, I'll ttyl, I'm gonna be doing some more stuff with my room tomorrow including cleaning up some kiddie clothes hanging in my big closet. TTYL! <33

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