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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hey I finally got my domain up! The whole blog's been imported over there too.
Here's the link!!


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Saturday, September 15, 2007
Back At School

[Time: 20:20]
[Listening 2: nothing]
[Eating/Drinking: Water and cookies]
[Wearing: white tank and black "love hurts" shorts]
[itinerary: shower]

Heya guys, I had a sleepover last night with my bffs deandra and colleeny. it was lots of fun, we just talked a lot, tried to play checkers but didn't, watched some funny vids on youtube, listened to music vids, cranked dat soulja boy, ate a lot of ice cream and watched some movies and just messed around. we put my mattress on the floor last night and me and colleen slept on that, i woke up cuz with a cramp in my leg from sleeping curled up. we slept in this morning and didn't wake up until my mama told us deandra's dad and bro were here, then we made waffles and eggs and had breakfast and finished watching "Pretty in Pink." So it was fun just chillin with the girlies, they stayed a while cuz my dad and dee's dad were talkin so dee's bro hung out with us. Then they all left and I got started on my homework. I still haven't finished though. I have to finish my essay and do some research for my 2 science projects, and if I feel really goody goody I might even practice on my bass clarinet. omg I can't wait to quit band. i really don't like it anymore, my teacher's a little weird and i just don't enjoy the whole experience anymore. plus I hate having to pick up and bring back my big instrument case. Argh. I had a pretty productive day though, I cleaned and stuff. anyways, I think mi mama may be getting me a domain of my own. :) so I'll ttyl!!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Back Home Once More

[Time: 22:45]
[Listening 2: Avril Lavigne "Mobile"]
[Eating/Drinking: Taco, coke]
[Wearing: blue rib tank, hawaiian blue print skort]
[itinerary: design dad's webpage]

heya guys! well I just got home last night, and omg my bffs Eire and Colleen came to meet me at the airport! hahaha it was like 1 am cuz our flight got delayed a little in Atlanta, not totally sure why. Anyways, today I stayed in and unpacked and organized all my stuff, my room is lookin good especially since I got some organizers in CA and dad gave me this super funky cute desk! :) So happy. I can't wait to paint the room, fix up the desk and do some other stuff, I sorta wanna buy some little pieces of furniture to finish up my side of the room, or maybe just some oversized pillows. idk yet. I sorta wanna find some way to get rid of that drawer set, or find some other way to use it better. I'm not sure yet! anyways, I'll ttyl, I'm gonna be doing some more stuff with my room tomorrow including cleaning up some kiddie clothes hanging in my big closet. TTYL! <33

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

[Time: 12:14]
[Listening 2: TV]
[Eating/Drinking: apple juice and grapes]
[Wearing: yellow top, jeans, green tank]
[itinerary: go to grandma's]

hiya guys! well it's thursday, that means tomorrow i get to go shopping at santee! :D I'm so excited. also our mama gets here tomorrow night. i've been at auntie o's for the majority of the week, we went to the imax and the museum, and yesterday we went to Fry's electronics to check out this $50 mp4 player, of course i'm not gonna be spending myyy money, but i might buy this 2gb flash drive for $19 i had to get a raincheck though. anyways just goin over to grandma's today, ttyl!!

happy birthday mama! (aug 8 07)

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Summer Stuff...

[Time: 22:24]
[Listening 2: the dripps of a portable a/c]
[Eating/Drinking: pasta, salad, water]
[Wearing: black skort, brown tanktop]
[itinerary: shower!!]

Hiya Guys! I'm in Cali, we had a weeird day. First around 4:30 the toilet started FLOODING it just wouldn't stop!

We tried to soak up as much of the damage as possible but then it started seeping into the kitchen,

we were all panicking, then I go downstairs to the garage and the pipe is leaking and the water from upstairs is going through the ceiling.

I was supposed to start cooking around 5 so the food would be ready when Auntie Sherry came home but since all that happened she said to wait until she came home before we used the water again. Then she had to pull up the carpet in the bathroom cuz it was all soaked through, and she hated having carpet in the bathroom of all places anyway.

So eventually I got to work and made this lovely meal (you can find a version of the recipe here):

Then we went and got Auntie's car from across the street since she didn't want to park it in the garage till a plumber fixed the pipe, and the little light said she needed to get it serviced. Not a great day for auntie's stuff. So it was this whole thing today, and I really need a shower, it's soo hot and I had to kneel down in that toilet water to try and get it to stop. Argh. Here's some photos from our trip to woodland(etc) though:

Oh and here's a cute picture I found from earlier this year:

:) that's my summer!! ttyl!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Hot Fun in The Summertime

[Time: 22:11]
[Listening 2: That's so Raven]
[Eating/Drinking: taro boba]
[Wearing: floral skort and green tank]
[itinerary: read HP7]

Heya guys! I'm having fun here in steamy california. I've just been babysitting, eating, shopping, going to the movies etc. Just relaxing. We are driving up to woodland on Friday. Here are some pictures I've taken so far:

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Harry Potter 5

[Time: 12:15]
[Listening 2: nothing]
[Eating/Drinking: grapes]
[Wearing: new red/white shirt, jeans, cooleo belt]
[itinerary: go to grandma's]

Ooh well the fifth harry potter film comes out today. Personally the fifth book is my favorite, it's also the longest. I reread it not long ago. (My second would most likely be the 3rd) I look forward to seeing how the 7th and final book stacks up against the rest. As you might be able to tell I'm a HP Dork. I absolutely love it. Me and my sissies own every book (in hardback) so far and keep them on a high shelf in our library/den. I'm looking forward to this movie almost as much as I am for the final book. However I will be sooo sad when the series is over. I've been praying for JKR to continue writing stories including the current characters, or their parents, or something.

Now the fifth movie is gonna be great, knowing the book. I especially love the Weasley Twins in the end. And in the 6th book(which won't be portrayed on-screen until late 2008). I love those Weasley's. n_n The one thing I don't like about the 5th book is that silly Cho Chang(harry's love interest), the 6th book's love interest for him is much better. Well there isn't much else to say about the movie except that the finale or last 20 mins are in 3D at IMAX. I really hope we go to IMAX to see it. ^-^ It will be pretttty exciitin!! O-o hehe. Well I'll cya later then!

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