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Thursday, August 24, 2006

[Time: 19:05]
[Listening 2: Radio(Sexy Back-JT)]
[Eating/Drinking: FUDGE POPS!/Water]
[Wearing: Duke Shorts, Blue/Grey Rugby]
[itinerary: Buy jello]

Hey ya'll I've pretty much been on the computer all day, savoring my LAST day of summer vacation. I spent around 1.5 hours straitening my hair (20 mins) and straitening Asie's (70 mins) hair. We look so fly. :P Now I'm perusing the Avon catalog deciding which shoes to buy. Later we are prolly gonna go to Kroger to buy some jello and bottled water for our lunches! ;) I went to open house yesterday. First babyclones then mine. I stayed at my school from 3-7. Bcuz first was my open house, then I stayed afterwards to do 6th grade tours. It was pretty fun. I got to see all my old teachers, and then I led a large team of students and their parents around the school to ans their ques etc. It was really cool. Anyhoo, I'm so excited for school tomorrow!!!!! AGH this year is gonna b THE BEST! Here's my extra currics, and classes:

1-Adv. Science
4-Student Gov
5-Social Studies
6-AIG Lang Arts

And in case you didn't know my schedule is packed. and advanced. I'm sorta glad but I'm sorta not bcuz it means I don't get to spend much time with BFFs cuz we don't really have the same classes. Mostly becuz of Geometry. I wish I was in ALGEBRA 1!!!!! Gurr. But this year is still gonna be GREAT!!!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

[Time: 15:31]
[Listening 2: None "None"]
[Eating/Drinking: Korean Pancake/Unsweet tea]
[Wearing: Shorts, grey shirt]
[itinerary: Clean:wash clothes, do a facial, wash bedding, etc.]

Hey ya'll I'm in a really good mood for some reason, my space is like so clean and organized, and so am I. haha, I just took a nice shower, and then I spent a lot of time(more than usual) to brush my hair and then I actually used my herbal essences spray conditioner because the humidity is killing me becuz of da frizz. But anyhoo, 2mo is our open house, omg 8th grade!!! I did allllll my back 2 school shopping for under $30 at Target this weekend thankyouverymuch. think of how litttle I could've spent at Walmart, but I must say Target has cuter stuff and not to mention more of what I need. Sorry I'm blabbing about Target and walmart haha. But I'm so clear, because the chi just seems to be flowing so well for me at the mo that I'm gonna put up more pixels than I had planned, and I'll even include the scribbles I used in my template kk??? I am so super psyched about school!!! ack! btw did I mention I made SGA? o heck yes. so ttyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

[Time: 17:52]
[Listening 2: Tyler Hilton "When It Comes"]
[Eating/Drinking: None/None]
[Wearing: new shirt and pants :D]
[itinerary: Shop=Target and Costco]

Yep so Sunday I went shoppin and finally got new jeans and some shirts, as well as a pair of duke shorts for gym, I need to buy more duke stuff, people (well more like, just one) have told me they never know who I root for cuz I never wear any, thats cuz I don't have any. poo, I need some so I will have sumthin 4 team day this year. Anyhoo, I need to buy a sweater and maybe another shirt. I will prolly just wait till I go shoppin with the gurlz. colly called me earlier and invited me 2 do sumthn with her and eray, cant wait :D But moms home now so I will ttyl. Gotta go shop shop shop with mah gift card! :D see ya laters.

Leave a watermelon FooLs!

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

[Time: 20:13]
[Listening 2: None "None"]
[Eating/Drinking: Crunch Wrap Supreme & Water w/Lemon]
[Wearing: Shorts and a tee]
[Itinerary: nm, talkin 2 eire rite now]

Hey ya'll I'm on the fone with my home gurl E who finally is back from CA and I can talk 2 her on the foney and we're trying 2 do 3 way w/collyflower, yay she did it, anyhoo I'm talking, which is pretty much the most exciting thing I've done all summer hahah. so ttyl

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

[Time: 15:38]
[Listening 2: Tegan&Sarah "I Know I Know I Know"]
[Eating/Drinking: Plain Yogurt and Mango/Wawa]
[Wearing: Hawaiian print capris, and black tank]
[itinerary: pixel, clean]

Hey ya'll I just added 10 new pixels, like DQ soft serve and a soda fountain! XD If you have any ideas for cute pixels let me know, I finally fixed the comment stuff, so go wild. O and I changed one of my songs to I Know I Know I know, I heard it for the first time late last night while I was looking for codes, it's really nice. :) So anyhoo, I'll ttyl. Gotta go clean and what not. >:P

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

[Time: 20:44]
[Listening 2: JET "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?"]
[Eating/Drinking: Pizza/Pepsi]
[Wearing: Shorts&Blu/Grn V-Neck]
[itinerary: Do sum Pixeling]

Hey Ya'll I just got dun shopping at Costco, Grocery Store, buying pizza at pizza hut, and paying a bill at verizon. Today I already added quite a few new pixels, they are getting better!

Added to day were: 2 new drinks, a bear collection, some flowers and a gummy bear set.
So enjoy those. I've got a couple ideas 4 sum new ones, not sure what yet. Hmm, now I gotta go to adsense and add a new add, so I can start adding some cash maybe. idk. I really need to do some babysitting, maybe once school starts I will FINALLY get to do some tutoring. That should be good. Hmm not sure what to do, I am purty bored, I have 2 go wash my bedding and then tomorroowwwww I will prolly just do some cleaning. But I have 2 cut this short so I can put my sheets in the washer and dry sum dishes! cya!

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