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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Hot Fun in The Summertime

[Time: 22:11]
[Listening 2: That's so Raven]
[Eating/Drinking: taro boba]
[Wearing: floral skort and green tank]
[itinerary: read HP7]

Heya guys! I'm having fun here in steamy california. I've just been babysitting, eating, shopping, going to the movies etc. Just relaxing. We are driving up to woodland on Friday. Here are some pictures I've taken so far:

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Harry Potter 5

[Time: 12:15]
[Listening 2: nothing]
[Eating/Drinking: grapes]
[Wearing: new red/white shirt, jeans, cooleo belt]
[itinerary: go to grandma's]

Ooh well the fifth harry potter film comes out today. Personally the fifth book is my favorite, it's also the longest. I reread it not long ago. (My second would most likely be the 3rd) I look forward to seeing how the 7th and final book stacks up against the rest. As you might be able to tell I'm a HP Dork. I absolutely love it. Me and my sissies own every book (in hardback) so far and keep them on a high shelf in our library/den. I'm looking forward to this movie almost as much as I am for the final book. However I will be sooo sad when the series is over. I've been praying for JKR to continue writing stories including the current characters, or their parents, or something.

Now the fifth movie is gonna be great, knowing the book. I especially love the Weasley Twins in the end. And in the 6th book(which won't be portrayed on-screen until late 2008). I love those Weasley's. n_n The one thing I don't like about the 5th book is that silly Cho Chang(harry's love interest), the 6th book's love interest for him is much better. Well there isn't much else to say about the movie except that the finale or last 20 mins are in 3D at IMAX. I really hope we go to IMAX to see it. ^-^ It will be pretttty exciitin!! O-o hehe. Well I'll cya later then!

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Sunday, July 08, 2007
Wish You Were Here

[Time: 10:42]
[Listening 2: Angie "talking"]
[Eating/Drinking: leftover hamburger/nothin]
[Wearing: shorts and tank]
[itinerary: take care of midges]

heya i'm in sunny california with my two little cousins josie and angie. we had our leftover dinner from marie callender's grill for breakfast. they're so funny. auntie sherry is at work so right now it's just the 3 of us awake. Asi and Mara escaped into Auntie Sherry's bedroom last night so I slept downstairs on a poofy little "bed" I made and even managed to stay on all night. hehe.

The Marie Callender Grill was so-so. The burger was okay. The Jumbo Coconut Shrimp wasn't so good though. I've had better. And the sauces weren't my fave either, the cloyant sweetness was actually way to overpowering. :P The pie didn't taste fresh at all and seemed as though it had been in the cardboard a little to long or something. The atmosphere was good for the kiddies though. I'm a very picky eater. hehe.

so we had a good time yesterday at the movie and dinner, and today we're supposed to go to the beach. I really hope we go to Chinatown/the Alley soon. Well I'm gonna go, hope your Fourth Of July was good, byeS!!!

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