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Thursday, November 16, 2006

[Time: 16:56]
[Listening 2: TV "Oprah"]
[Eating/Drinking: nada]
[Wearing: Green Shorts n Rib Tank(decided to spice it up a little lol)]
[itinerary: HOMEWORK]

Errrgh I am feeling verrry busy. Eire is supposed to be coming home with me tomorrow. And a bunch of our friends are going to the mall near my house. And I sorta wanna go. But me and Eire were hoping to go there anyways for dinner. So we'll see. And then on Dec. 8, we have our winter dance!! The BLIZZARD BLAST!! Courtesy of SGA!! Thank yooou very much. hehe. So we are probably going to do Secret Santas at Bali Hai before hand. A little bit more rushed because a few of us have to go to the school 30 mins. early to set up!!! OMG so many plans, I can't even START to put them here. My cute site is an absoluteee mess. So I will try to fix it up, and what not, this weekend. A few of my linkies get stuck in my frames. So anyways, I have to get this secrets santa thing fixed up so I will have to write Colleen a letter/note thing telling her and myself(notes always help me get my thoughts organized) how it's going to work. Thennnn our trip to the Philppines is coming at me dead ahead!! Thanksgiving break is next week, so we only go to school 2 days. It's alllways like that. But I don't mind going to school. It's tiring, but it's necessary, and fun. Anyways, this is sooo long, and I'm typing real fast so I can get to my hw, so I can do some other stuff. I have 30ish pages to read for my language arts book I have to finish by class tomorrow!! I'm going to try to read it all now, but I will just read the majority and just finish through out the day. :CCC arghe this is fast and confusing. I really don't think there is much use typing anything else so I will ttyl. O and I hope you like my little picture of the day, it's some orchids I drew while at my aunts house one summer.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Thinking Some

[Time: 18:29]
[Listening 2: TV Commercials]
[Eating/Drinking: Water/Lumpia]
[Wearing: New Skirt, White Tee, New Earrings]
[itinerary: HW, shower, IM, TV?]

Hey peeps, OMG we have had testing both daysthis week. And now I have a chapter test in Geometry. Roar. I actually have a bit of homework today. Mostly just reading, but I really can't skip it, and I have to catch up on some work in Social studies. S.S. is usually a pretty easy subject for us, but american history, especially the 13 colonies, is really boring and trite, since we've learned about it before, and are just memorizing a bunch of boring facts. But no worries, I'm not complaining. :D School's pretty busy, as in extra currics. SGA has a bunch of stuff coming up, and Band has to get ready for our concert and peprally where we have NOTHiNG ready!! Arggghh, so maybe we will play some old songs. So see ya.

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Friday, November 10, 2006
Singing Girl

[Time: 14:30]
[Listening 2: Little Malaysian Girl "Some Song"]
[Eating/Drinking: Apple Jacks/Cranberry Juice]
[Wearing: Tank Shorts]
[itinerary: nm]

AWW!! you have to watch that video! The little girl is soo cute! I'm super bored. :P I wish I could go do something with some friends today. :(

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Sunday, November 05, 2006
Hope Was Here

[Time: 12:36]
[Listening 2: TV "Ebert & Roeper"]
[Eating/Drinking: Banana/Water]
[Wearing: Shorts, Cami (what else is new)]
[itinerary: CLEAN and DO HW!]

Well, I didn't really have a new picture to post, so I decided to use the book I'm reading for my book project, which I should be working on right now. I really hope I get a good grade on it!! We got report cards Friday, and I got all A's except for a horrible B in Geometry unfortunately. But life goes on. Anyways, our trip to the Philippines is getting closer and closer!! It's already November and our trip is on December 15. I'm looking forward to it, and I've been trying to learn some key phrases in Tagalog or at least Il-Taglish. Here's what I've learned so far:

...CR ...Nanay-ko ...Lola-ko ...Manang-ko/Ate-ko ...Ading-ko

Where is the/my
...Comfort Room ...Mom ...Grandma ...Older Sis ...Younger Sis

So yeah, I'm just proud that I remembered "Nasa an po ang..." which mom taught me last week. Woohoo! So anyways, I think I'll post these on my Cutesite.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Friendship Montage

[Time: 17:46]
[Listening 2: Montage Above]
[Eating/Drinking: Banana/Water]
[Wearing: Polka dot shorts and Tank]
[itinerary: HW Reading]

Hey, I just finished this montage on onetruemedia.com, it's really cool I think. It's a bunch of pictures from my 5th grade graduation, and outtings with my friends. So check it out!! :)

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