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Monday, April 30, 2007
New Layout

[Time: 18:51]
[Listening 2: Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby"]
[Eating/Drinking: Taquito/Water]
[Wearing: Nyanko pjs w/pink tank]
[itinerary: HW??]

Hey guys, do ya like the new layout?? I discovered the "gradient" tool on Adobe yesterday, so I made this. I like it, especially when it actually shows up clear on here!!! If you want to use it too, or one like it, it's ready and coded for you at my cutesite :)

So school was pretty normal today. SGA was fun, cuz we don't really have much to do now that school is almost over. So we played another class game today where one person goes to the front of the room and everyone in the class has to write some gossip about that person, I ended up going up there and it was funny that people came up with stuff to write about me! I can't remember most of them, but one said "Jade has a really intimidating dad" from my friend Matt, another said "Jade is kind and smart, and helps me in geometry." They were cute. I also had the school store for honor society today. I signed up with Matt, I was supposed to get there at 7:05 but I got there late AGAIN!! Luckily Matt did get there on time so the day was saved. :) Everything else was normal and boring, I presented my Powerpoint Presentation in LA and other stuff likes that. :P I have a benchmark test tomorrow! No biggie though. We've got testing a lot cuz there's only 5 weeks of school left!! It's dragging on forever so I'm trying not to count the days too closely, and enjoy it! :D

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

[Time: 00:00]
[Listening 2: the cool buzz of air conditioners]
[Eating/Drinking: nada]
[Wearing: jean capris, brown tank w/white babydoll]
[itinerary: I WANT A MELON POP]

Hiya guys, like the avvie I made (above)? Its of Kim Sam Soon of course. :)
I really want a melon pop today. It's all summer like. And I really like lemon pops.
Colleen left her iPod here yesterday so I got a chance to play with it and have decided I really don't like iPods that much. It actually froze!! So I had to leave it on until it's battery ran down. O_O then it wasn't very easy to use on my computer. iPod is so selfish!! You can't use it w/o other iPod stuff. So I will be sticking with SanDisk etc. Cuz iPod and me just don't click.
So anyways. only 5 more weeks of school!! I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL SUMMER. AAAAH
My 3 BFFS (colleen, deandra and eire) came over to my house yesterday, it was deandra's first time coming over, but she fits in perfectly to our friday "tradition"!! :) anyways. I will ttyl cuz I hate typing cuz my pinky hurts. :P

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

[Time: 20:32]
[Listening 2: Jet "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"]
[Eating/Drinking: Pasta/Water]
[Wearing: Pink Rib Tank/Hawaiian Print Capris]
[itinerary: nothing at all]

Heya guys, it's finally Spring Break!! yay! I only wish it was warm!! I can't wait until summer! I'm hoping I can get some sort of job so I can buy minutes and other stuff. IDK if we are going to LA this year, but we'll see what happens.

Hmm I'm really lazy and don't feel like posting so this will be really short.

OOh, I just realized I haven't posted since last week. Well not much has happened. I basically had the BESt week/birthday ever last week, and this week seemed terribly boring and uneventful in comparison. I really don't know what made the week so awesome, I must've just been in a great mood along with my classmates. Then on my birthday which was so cool since it was on a friday, school just went perfectly. My BFF colleen brought the famous "birthday sash" and I was told to wear it all day, and so I did. ;) It was beach day and so I had a really cute outfit, which made me feel happy and led to some happy events during the day! XD Everyone was extra nice to me, and my friends were nice enough to give me cute cards and gifts!! n_n I just had an up day. Then Colleen and Eire came home with me where we just hung out for a while. Then we went to the mall, just to do stuff and get dinner. But we ended up running into our friend Micheal so he walked around with us while we were there. Then we just kept running into a few people from school, it was weird. Finally we went outside to the fountains by the movie theater and saw a hUgE group of people from our school, not really the people we hang out with but we still stood around and had fun talking to them. Then ALL these other groups of our friends from school stated pulling up in cars, until there were like 50 (maybe exaggerating) people there!! It was crazy cuz it was just different people who ended up running into each other and hanging out. We wanted to stay but it started getting crazy and mum and mi sisters were getting bored. So we headed back home and decided to order a pizza for dinner instead. We had a crazy fun night and I was pleased to hear that my bffs thought it was one of the best days ever!! :) I know it was for me!

Well so much for the quick short post, but oh well! XD ttyl!

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