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Monday, October 30, 2006

[Time: 11:44]
[Listening 2: No Doubt "Tragic Kingdom"--"Oh la bi Oh la da"]
[Eating/Drinking: Potstickers/Apple Juice]
[Wearing: Shorts n Tank]
[itinerary: HW and Fever Pitch]

Hey ya'll I'm just sitting around since we have teacher's workday today!! :D The pic above is a link made for me by the wonderful Ann!! Feel free to use it to link to me! :3 My cute site may be getting hosted soon! It's exciting I can't wait to find out! I'm gonna call the new one "Sweet Mango." I have to make a new layout for the big day, hopefully my hostess will understand that I may need a few days to move in, especially since I have to go to school tomorrow. So yeah. Hurmm I think I will go watch Fever Pitch with a big bowl o poppin corn in a sec, and let Baby Clone get on here, since our PC is messed up for real now. GURRR I was trying to update and add some stuff today, but since dad's PC is missing Photoshop that won't work at all. RAWR. So I will sees ya later, leave some comments plurze.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

[Time: 19:02]
[Listening 2: Gwen Stefani "BubblePopElectric"]
[Eating/Drinking: Tangerines/Water]
[Wearing: New Skirt&Leggings, Tank]
[itinerary: Shower watch tv etc.]

Hey ya'll!! Well todays we went shopping! :D I got some new leggings, a new skirt, watch, and some hoop earrings at Charlotte Russe! my favorite' store!! :D Lurve that place!! EEK!!!! I want a new scarf and hat though, and a new sweater, I needs one. A nice one. I can't wait for our trip to the Philippines. But idk what shots we will need, I just talked to my gma and she said I should remind my moother. And I need to get an ID other than my school one, cuz both of my seesters have them except for me. OoO but I can't wait to get my new school ID. I'm really mad I forgot to ask my HR teacher for a pix day form to buy some pics, cuz I have a feeling this one might be good, and I don't have any to give away this year!!! I'm so freeeking mad at myself! and stupid SGA, cuz since I was doing AM Announcements that week I didn't get it!! UGH I'm mad. I'm gonna talk to our prez and advisor on getting some type of "mailbox" system so we can get all our handouts when we don't go to HR, gotta remember that!! I just came up with it and I think its a verrry good idea! lol. hehehe. So anyways, I gotta go take a shower and do some reading, luckily we got tomorrow off so I have one more day to get organized, and my place is a messsss!!! So I will cya!!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006
Orange Julius

[Time: 16:28]
[Listening 2: Bob Dylan "Stuck in the Middle With You"]
[Eating/Drinking: Homemade Orange Julius]
[Wearing: duke shorts n cami]
[itinerary: HW Reading]

heya, I just made myself a homemade orange julius and its so durn good!!! mmm. It's made of,

orange juice
vanilla ice cream

blended together!! it's yummy. tastes real. like what you'd get from dairy queen. :D

But anyhoos, the dance was yesterday!! :) A me and the BFFFGs went to Colleen's house to get ready, and then a bunch of us went to Bali Hai as is the tradition. And then headed over to the dance. It was hilarious because pretty much everyone was dressed up and Davis was in a flashy Elvis costume. It was raining too so they(the guys) were waiting for us outisde since us gurls were late. It's a long story, but it was the most fun I've had for any of the dances. :3 I wish I had takin pix. ^.^; durn. o well. I love ya'lls!! :D

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Penguin Pixels

[Time: 20:55]
[Listening 2: The Hum of my PC]
[Eating/Drinking: None. ;P]
[Wearing: Black tank n shorts]
[itinerary: Finish some WB pages for LA]

Heya ya'lls, dontcha lorve my sexy penguin? I know you do. Wellz, today, I passed out canday to all the greedy little 7th graders, because it's red ribbon week anyone with their ribbons on at lunch gets a piece of candy, but Ms. W made a fool proof plan for us to get done quick, we just sweeped all the aisles really quick and never looked back!!! eek the pressure. Some weird kid came up to me after school asking why I didn't give him a piece of candy, and I was like..... oddball. Anyways, today's Amara's bday, she just turned 9!!! YIKES. She's such an oldie. But anyways, that's all the news for today!! BYEZ!

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Monday, October 23, 2006
Monday Funnies

[Time: 20:17]
[Listening 2: TV-CBS "How I Met Your Mother"]
[Eating/Drinking: Sweet Tea]
[Wearing: Black Athletic Shorts, White Tank]
[itinerary: Watch TV, Read L.A. Novel]

Hey ya'lls, I'm watching How I Met Your Mother on CBS, I lurve that show. :) Today was cool. I got an 85 on my geometry test. T.T But I'm making it up so I can raise it up a little bit. Last night I made fruit leather out of the muscadines we picked at Ms. Peggy's place. It had not sugar or anything, just grapes. It was yummy. But we didn't even get to eat both trays, just <1/2. Cuz it sorta got messed up in the oven, long story. So other than all that, today was cool. Some funny stuff happened, but all inside and long, so I will see you later!!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006
HS etc

Time: 17:25]
[Listening 2: Red Hot Chili Peppers "Can't Stop"]
[Eating/Drinking: Cheetos/Pepsi-It's an junk food type o day]
[Wearing: Brown Polo n Jeans]
[itinerary: Study Geometry]

Hey ya'lls I had a S.S. Test today, and I've got a Geometry test tomorrow. 10th grade math isn't as bad as 9th grade!!! :D I'm glad I'm taking it now so I can do harder math in H.S. I don't hate being in these classes as much as last year, I'm dealing w/the whole no-friend thing. Plus I have classes w/Eire this year! :3 But anyways, hmmmm, HS homecoming game tomorrow, I wonder if mummy will let me go. A bunch of my friends are going to the mall, and then the game. :9 I'm thinking about joining this Kim Sam Soon Fanlisting, not sure yet. I love that show!! It's really good, the first kdrama I started to watch(got off youtube!! hehe). hmmm.... o yeah! I'm gonna be a crayon for halloween!! Hopefully some of the gurlies will do it w/me!! I'm gonna wear one solid color(prolly a dress) then get some paper, or a party hat the same color and put it on my head!!! hehe, then prolly dress up the clothes so you can tell it's actually a crayon! :D idk if I will wear it to the dance, or to whatever Halloween thing I'm doing. Not sure yet. OOO I hope I get to go to the movies this weekend too!! :D

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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Scuppernong Grapes

[Time: 18:44]
[Listening 2: My Washing Machine]
[Eating/Drinking: Scuppernongs/Water]
[Wearing: Jeans, Grey Tee]
[itinerary: Get Ready for School Tmo]

Hey ya'llz. Well today we went and picked scuppernong grapes, at my mom's blogging buddy's place. It was really cool. She had a huge garden/vineyard, and a cute border collie. It was really cool, she lives out in Hillsborough sort of out of the world. It was really nice, and the grapes were good too!! BTW check out the cute site for my new template (100% original), and other stuff! I made mom a new clock to put on her site too, it's up there so if you want to use it too, the code is there.


p.s. Go to the cute site to see more of the pix! :)

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Friday, October 13, 2006
TGIF times 3

[Time: 18:57]
[Listening 2: AIM Beeps]
[Eating/Drinking: Gyro & fries/IceTea]
[Wearing: Shorts tank]
[itinerary: IM over and over again]

Hey peeps, well I am soooo super glad it is Friday!! My bfff.f Eire came home with us and chilled for about 2 hours, and now I am iming her and my friend Matt. We went to the mall to pick up dinner so that was cool. Baby Clone and Mom went to the State Fair today, they said it was nice. But it was cold all day too!!! FREEZING over here, but mom said it wasn't as bad over where they were. The Japanese students from our sister city, Toyama Japan left today. It was really emotional for the host students, who had gotten attached. So some people were sad or crying. :( But anyways, I'm gonna go, because I have like 9 windows open with my chats etc. And now I'm getting a bad hand cramp!! LATER!!!

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Soccer :D

[Time: 21:01]
[Listening 2: NONE]
[Eating/Drinking: WAWA!]
[Wearing: Shorts, Tank]
[itinerary: Nothing]

Hey guys, I think I will just have to make this a quick quick post because I have to go eat dinner in like 2 seconds! And I am starrrrrving. I stayed afterschool today, because I wanted to go the the soccer and volleyball games at home. Unfortunately Volleyball WAS CANCELED! and I really wanted to see my BFF colleen-e-bean play. But instead, Eire and I went and watched boys soccer, which was awesome, we won. I'm hoping I can go with E to all the games! And maybe 2 of the ones at home. I was telling her, that maybe if I start going with her to all of 'em, like she already does, we should see if we should ask if we can be official groopies and ride on the bus with the soccer/vball teams since they ride together. Because we REALLY wanna go to some of the homegames. I brought mom's camera because I was planning on taking pictures, but it was taking really fuzzy pictures, and it was aggrivating because the sun was creating a glare, but eventually I gave up and forgot so, it's all gooood. :) Well today was a happy day, but I gotsta go!

BTW I did get a short Video Clip of It:

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Monday, October 02, 2006
Monday Rushday

[Time: 19:29]
[Listening 2: The Fray "How To Save A Life"]
[Eating/Drinking: Nada]
[Wearing: Jean Shorts, White Tank]
[itinerary: Watch TV, Study S.S. stuff]

Well, today I got off on the wrong foot, because I didn't wake up until 7:00 opposed to my usual 6:00, so I was rushing to get ready in 10 minutes, so I could at least try to get to school relatively on time. But whenever I get rushed, and late like that my whole day goes wrong and I just feel rushed, and late ALL day long. And that's how it was. I only did 5 of the problems in geometry, but luckily in that class we do our homework in class, and that's what it is. Then I couldn't keep tempo in Band Class, then I got into SGA on time, but I ran out to get something and ended up being tardy, luckily Ms. Walker was feeling generous and didn't penalize me for it!! But yikes, I had a bad day, just did not feel up to it. I HATE being late. :P

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

[Time: 12:47]
[Listening 2: None]
[Eating/Drinking: None]
[Wearing: Green Shorts Black Tank]
[itinerary: IDK]

Well I've finally decided, that I will move my cute-site-stuff to this address:
http://www.freewebs.com/mizmango .
Yep. Well now, yesterday, I went to the Duke vs. UNC Volleyball game with my friend Colleen, our school Vball Team, and Colleen's friend Corrine. It was pretty cool. Duke dominated!!!!!! :D Everyone gets into those games free because nobody ever goes, so that was cool. Afterwards, I went back to Colleen's house, with Corrine, and we were supposed to be eating dinner but instead we looked at their myspaces, called some ppl, and went to look at her treehouse. It was fun. So today I think I will just clean up my room, and work on here if I get the chance. Check out the new stuff added today!

[10.01.06] Check out the new clocks I made for you guys!!! More coming soon!! Also, a new big pixels, new scribbles, and some newly added cliques in the pixel section!!

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