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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Eire @ My House

[Time: 17:15]
[Listening 2: Gwen Stefani "Underneath It All"]
[Eating/Drinking: bread/apple juice]
[Wearing: jeans and sga shirt]
[itinerary: get hott]

hey ya'll eire is at my house right now!!! she's laying on the floor for some reason though. hmm I'm not really using caps cuz I'm so lazy. we had a busy day today!! it was "green" schedule today cuz of our peprally. this whole week was spirit week!! tuesday was hat day, wednesday was wackytacky day, today was green and white day, and tomorrow is BEACH dAY! :) hmmm. I'm gonna straighten my hair, and do... other stuff. ;O yay. uhhh, what else. TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! YAY!! I love my birthday this year. Idk why, i'm not doing anything, I just do. I even wrote it in all these peoples agenda books :P well I'm gonna go. byes

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Monday, March 26, 2007

[Time: 20:09]
[Listening 2: none]
[Eating/Drinking: homemade boba drink=YUM!]
[Wearing: shorts, green crewneck tee]
[itinerary: get ready for school tomorrow!]

YAY BENTO BOXES! I really wanna go buy some at the asian grocer. I made a cool home lunch for us today with sandwiches, potstickers, green beans and egg salad. REALLY hearty. But good. :D I like cooking, but mostly I like making my own lunches for school and stuff. I want to start making more bento like lunches too. But I want to buy some nicer containers. I think I'll make something with egg and rice tomorrow. I haven't planned it yet. Bento is traditionally made in a 4:3:2:1 ratio. Rice, meat/fish, side dish, and a pickled veggie or dessert. So I am not sure what to do yet. I'll probably just plan it and pack it for the day after tomorrow instead, and use whatever mom's cooking tonight for tomorrow.

Since we had today off I stayed home. I got up, cleaned the kitchen, worked on my new layout some (Top Secret), played a game with Amara, made a cool lunch, and watched my Kdrama. Colleen called a couple of times, and Grandma just called my cell, but she's talking to ma now. OOh yeah, we made boba yesterday, well I was going to but then mom made it for me n__n;; heh. But I made the drink part. I cut up a pinapple and blended it with ice, milk, my simple syrup, and maybe something else but I can't remember. I made the mistake of forgetting to cut out the center on 2 slices so it got a little bitter. -_-;; But the bubbles were good, nice and soft but a little chewy, we even had the colored kind!! Later we used some iced tea with some banana flavoring and it was yummy. Did you know that banana flavoring is the smell on premade sago?? And it smells just like the HaloHalo you get at Chow King or something. YAY, so I have a lot for me to eat all week.

You know it's my bday friday???

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Monday, March 19, 2007
My Name is Kim Sam Soon

[Time: 18:49]
[Listening 2: The Pretenders "Don't Get Me Wrong"]
[Eating/Drinking: none]
[Wearing: Black Shorts/Cami]
[itinerary: Straighten My Hair :D]

SO, I've been addicted to watching kdramas or korean dramas on youtube. I don't know what it is, the whole idea of them is cool. I started out watching "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" (or My Lovely Kim Sam Soon) a while ago. I still haven't finished all of the eps yet cuz the person that had all of them, deleted them! But I also started one called "Autumn in my Heart" which is really interesting, and cute, but gets sorta shaky, corny/stupid near the end. But I still like it. Then I just started one called "Full House" which I think they also play on channels in the Philippines. I saw a commercial for it once and decided to look it up. While I was in the Ph. I also saw some for "Jumong" and I also watched some episodes of "A Rosy Life" in Tagalog, I can't speak tagolog but I got the jist of some stuff and thought it was really interesting, I can't find episodes yet but I'm gonna keep searching. If you're interested and would like to see these, search for them on YouTube, a user called Hanism has all 16 episodes of Autumn in my heart with English subs. So go on YouTube.com and search for these guys, or for more kdrama ideas go to silentregrets.com where you can also download them. :)

*Pic: Kim Sam Soon and love interest Sam Shik (?)

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
New Content

[Time: 00:00]
[Listening 2: TV "PCD Reality Show"]
[Eating/Drinking: Burger/Gingerale]
[Wearing: Blue PJ Capris/Black Tank]
[itinerary: Dinner/HW]

Hey guys, I'm all excited cuz I moved in to my new host at sassy-girl.net! I've got 28 new pixels and all these other stuff! So I'm likin all of it! I couldn't choose one to put up so I just used the burger cuz I was surprised it looked so good and I'm about to have one now! So I don't really have anything new to say... My knee hurts cuz I made this embarrassing trip in the stairwell. So there's this big bruising knot!! And I just SHOCKED myself when I was trying to unplug the laptop. ARgH. Yep so I've got to do a LOT of reading for Language Arts. So ttyl!

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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Food Food Food Off Topic

[Time: 14:47]
[Listening 2: silence]
[Eating/Drinking: cranberry juice/potato salad]
[Wearing: shorts, pink rib tank]
[itinerary: homework??]

Wellza, I'm pretty tired for some reason. I love weekends because I sleep SO well compared to during the week. I am a pretty light sleeper during the week, if you're around talking or something I can usually hear you but I might not totally understand the information and instead it turns into a dream. But I never sleep deep because I'm always waking up at 6:00 or worrying about oversleeping and other stuff. But during the weekend I sleep totally all through the night and I sleep in. It's nice. But this weekend I feel especially tired, it's like that cold just left me exhausted!!! Ergh. And lazy. But anyways, mom and I are trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. I was browsing through our library of cookbooks and the fruits and other dishes keep making me think of summer! I like staying home for the summer because I get to cook and make the yummy smoothies and juices, plus I like it here cuz it's so pretty and green! I hope I do more this summer and get outside, I can't wait to go shopping this month. It's my birthday and mom gets her tax return ($_$) . So yeah I love shopping.... My favorite store is Charlotte Russe, except the only store around her is at the Southpoint mall, but there's one opening soon at the mall right by our house!! (@.@) Ok so as you can see this post is totally off topic. So I'm gonna have to change the title now....

Ok, better. So anyways, I don't really have anything to talk about so I'll just go. (n_n) HEY don't sound so relieved!! (!_!)

Oh waiT!! I forgot, pic description: an ice cream cone emoticon I made, really wish I could use emoticons on blogger, but o well! You can get these emoticons for your tagboards etc. from my CuTeSiTe!!!

Oh BTW the cutesite is at my freewebs temporarily while I switch hosts, I will update a new link as soon as it's official!

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

[Time: 14:42]
[Listening 2: TV "PBS show"]
[Eating/Drinking: Water/Lemon Poppyseed cookie]
[Wearing: Shorts, electric blue tank]
[itinerary: cook food for grill]

Hey guys, the party was pretty fun last night! Not the BEST ever or anything, but it was cool, and a lot better than I had expected. Ya know, it's a safe bet whenever you go to a restaurant for a party. Or at least one w/o booths, where you can sit at a big table instead. I went an hour late, cuz I had eaten A LOT already and was just gonna hang out for a little bit. But they hadn't even ordered by the time I got there. SO, luckily Deandra came and we decided to "share" something. We got a Monster Burger, the BIGGEST one on the menu, and she ate the WHOLE thing!!! Lucky for her, I wasn't hungry at all. But I tasted it and it was pretty good and pretty cheap considering size and portions and all. So yeah, I hope Kyle had a good time, I was really worrying about it cuz I helped plan and everyone was talkin about how horrible it was gonna be. But people were just droppin out on him, so I'm glad I didn't.

Well it's not really "COLD" or what I'd call cold, it's chilly, but it's really turning into spring, actually it's a really nice day outside and we're gonna grill some chicken etc. I guess I will do it cuz mom's really tired, and sick. I used to cook quite a bit but I haven't in a long time. I'm super tired right now, and I'm tired a lot of the time lately. But I feel like there's a lot of stuff to do all the time. I can't wait to fix our room, the kitchen, the den and the BATHROOM especially. Ergh. Can't wait can't wait can't WAIT!!!

Anyways, I went to MSEN again today. Our advisor had told us he wasn't gonna be there, and I thought that the bus wouldn't come cuz I was sure that's what the note said, so dad drops me off, and I get to my class kinda early, no one's there yet. I kept thinking "OMG Sandra and Eire aren't coming!! Oh no did Sandra find out the bus isn't coming to school?? Eire said she wasn't coming since I had told her I wasn't coming... But I'm here now!! EIRE!!!! Gurr why didn't she pick up her phone last night. I wish Sandra was here!!!" So as I'm freeking out, and staring into space I hear a high pitched, "Heyy!". I whip around and who's there looking as surprised as me?? EIRE AND SANDRA!!! YAAAAAYYY!!!!! OMG, I can't explain how HAPPY and SURPRISED I was!!! EEK! SO, we were all surprised and glad. And I was all amazed that they both came on the bus!! EERGH! THE BUS STILL CAME! But yeah, the day was normal, not so much fun, in Communications and Math. But Science was cool cuz we were all so happy, and we made bridges that we get to finish next week. Hope we have a better time next week, and I'll ride the bus cuz I actually like it! :)


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Friday, March 09, 2007
A SHORT Update

[Time: 17:28]
[Listening 2: TV "NEWS"]
[Eating/Drinking: Popcorn/Gingerale]
[Wearing: Shorts, Brown Shirt]
[itinerary: Surprise Bday Party 4 Kyle! :)]

Hey guys! I'm happy cuz I just changed my lay so I'm back on regular blogger support!! :) No more freewebs blog woo hoo!!! :D So what do ya think of this layout? I made it for people to take off of my site. But I guess I like them too so I'll use em! :D So o course if you want one like this for your blog you can get a premade code and everything from my cute site.

But yeah, as you can see in my itinerary I'm going to a surprise party for my friend Kyle today! It's his 14th and our friend Josh decided to throw him a surprise party, but since Colleen and I plan a lot of events he called us for help and so my name is on the invites etc. But I hope that a lot of people come, because Josh sorrrrta screwed some stuff up by not giving invitations to everyone etc. ARgH, but I'm just gonna go for half the time, I won't get dinner or anything just stop by with my gift, hang out for a while etc. So yeah....

Hmm, glad it's friday!!! I have to go to MSEN tomorrow though... But it's really ok with me, it wasn't so bad last week, plus Eire and I got to hang out etc. I have it once more after this and the saturday after that I'm doing the Great Human Race (5k race/fundraiser)

Hmm, it's been pretty lax at school. Today I had to redo the bulletein boards at school during SGA. I played HORRIBLE in band this WHOLE week cuz I'm sick and all. Then in Language Arts the aviators are tutoring 7th graders before their very important writing test. I was a prime candidate for tutoring because I was the only one to receive a "4" (the highest ranking) on the test last year. I don't like to bring it up in school, but whenever our principal has "talks" with us she always brings it up and I trrryyyy to hide but it's hard to...

Navigators have been absent in at least one class, everyday this week and they had a field trip yesterday. Lucky duckies!! We haven't officially gotten one for our team but my teacher said they're working on it....

Hmmm, that's a "short" update of my life at the mo...

P.S. Picture Description: an avvie I made myself.. :3

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10 Facts??

RULES: Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

I'll try...

1-Whenever I feel self-conscious or nervous, or don't have anything to do with my hands I tuck a sometimes invisible strand of hair behind my ear. (O.O)
2-I feel that gay marriage and abortion should be legal, but a lot of the times when people ridicule these things I don't speak up. (u.u)
3-I hate my nose.
4-When I was younger I used to keep a bag of clothes and other important stuff beside me in bed because I was always scared there was going to be a fire. Now I still keep stuff in specific places...
5-I wonder a lot about what would happen if I died.
6-In certain situations I think of my life and how I would word it in a book or play it in a movie, I play it in my head and even pick out the perfect background music.
7-When I go to a store like target or somewhere I look at things imagining my college dorm room or an apartment one day.
8-I really like the smell of linen closets!!
9-I twist my hair absent-mindedly during school and think about how much I like it that particular day, I wake up from the trance ten-times happier.
10-Geometry and Algebra problems sometimes make me smell chinese food!! @_@

Wow, I must say I'm pretty interested in these myself!!! Haha!

I'm tagging, you!! If you're reading this you gotta do it!! :)

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Me and Eray

Hey ya'llz.

I'm chillin at home with bff: Eire!! :) Everyone is G O N E. No one's online and no one's answering their fone!!! poo. School's been pretty laid back and fun. I'm sooooo super glad SCiENCE FAiR is over!! I hate that.

eire is interrupying and says hi-: ) back 2 ambie:

hehe I took the computer outside!! EEEK! So I'm bein a nerd typing while ray is counting my paper stars outside. Which (I'm not telling her this) may not be so smart since it's so durn windy and all. Hehe. Shes gonna freek out when they blow all over the neighbors' yards!!

OMfG!! My foot is itching soo bad now, I was walkin in the yard and a freekin huge ant bit me! What did I ever do to him??? Gurr. Stupid ant.

So yeah me and eire actually had an ok time at MSEN today. We ate candy in our science class, then we wrote essays in communications. I know you're thinkin we are nerds but like it was cool. She did an argumentative essay about not eating meat and I did the rebuttle. We might finish them, or edit them and read them in our LA class. idk. Then in math we learned about Goldbach's Conjecture and the Mobieus Strip. It was interesting.

Wow eire counted all the stars and put them into the jar two seconds before this HUGE gust of wind came. But I still see a couple of them in the grass. She also did that whole "Do U Like Honey" test, but instead of using a buttercup she used a dandelion, and I was like... uh that's a dandelion. Funny. Anyways I'm gonna go ttyl!!

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Que Pasa?

Well enough of that. I'm really BORED all my friends are doing sports, all I'm doin is workin out once and a while and working on eating better. So I'm trying to figure out what activities I will be doing this summer. Colleen wants me to do a dance class with her, she was thinkin hip-hop, I was thinking more like salsa. Then I want her to do a field hockey camp for beginners with me, although I can't find one. Then I'm thinking of doing babysitting or running a cupcake-catering-type business. I'm not sure yet. I've been looking online for what kind of permits I need. Haven't made any progress though. @.@

I have an MSEN science academy thing tomorrow with some friends from school. So one of my bffs is coming over after that. :) So that should be F U N.

<3 Ambie

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