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Sunday, December 31, 2006
In The Philippines

[Time: 19:17]
[Listening 2: Buzz "of d computers"]
[Eating/Drinking: none]
[Wearing: Jeans, white polo]
[itinerary: nuffin much]

Hey guys! I'm in the Philippines with only like 4 days left! We are goin to the hot springs probably tomorrow, and then on the 2nd we are gonna be packing, and on the 3rd we'll be in Manila! Then on the 5th we'll be leaving, flying home. Not looking forward to the long flights again, but looking forward to bein back in the states!! I think the first thing I wanna do is get a taco, or actually a burger lol!! I miss the US, isn't that surprising?? I can't wait to get home but I'll still miss it here I guess. I've been MISERABLE the last few days because I've been soooo sick!!! I can't hardly breath cuz of all the pollution sometimes, like in the city. But I've also got a yucky cold, and I'll spare you the gross details!! We were in Agoo today, and Asi and the Clone were swimming with our cousins Thalia and Jenelle. I met Thalia in Baguio when we were there but I didn't really talk to her, we were all bein shy. But we had fun today. but I couldn't get in the pool ya know, girl problems!! haha. ooo btw message to isha sorry I didn't get to arrange a time for us to meet!! We're sooo overbooked and busy. But my grandma was talkin to us about coming back in 5 years. Maybe I will. Or maybe my bloggin buddies will just come to the states?? Anyways, I'm gonna go byes!

p.s. happy new year!!

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Sunday, December 17, 2006
California Christmas

[Time: 8:10]
[Listening 2: Micheal Buble "I'll be Home For Christmas"]
[Eating/Drinking: Puto/Coffee]
[Wearing: Blank shorts and rib tank]
[itinerary: Have f-u-n]

hey guys! I'm in LA! and on my auntie sherry's computer, it's taking a LOT of effort to type because the keyboard is a little messed up! so excuseany lackof spaces, missing "c's" etc.!!

We leave forthe philippines tomorrow!! but right now I'm having fun just hangingwith familyand openingpresents!! XD lol. I can't wait to do some shoppin in ph andwhen we get back!! But I'm chillin now and hopingwe go to full house or seafood city for lunch or dinner, plus get some yummy boba. But the 1st option(authentic chinese foodddd!!!=yummy) is what I'm really pulling for!!!!Ok so I am gonna go play with cousins cuz this keyboardis annoying!!!

<333 Brella

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