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Friday, June 22, 2007

[Time: 14:54]
[Listening 2: "Rhythm of the Night"]
[Eating/Drinking: watermelon, awesome italian sandwhiches/water]
[Wearing: black shorts/shirt]
[itinerary: see below]

Hey guys!!! Well I did what I needed to, I cleaned my room and now I have to go do my clothes. :P But I'm glad cuz now it will be easier for me to pack this upcoming week. :D I also cleaned the bathtub earlier so it's clean and fresssh. Although dad told me to clean it with Clorox, and I feel as if I may be allergic to it, if that's possible. After I clean out my clothes I need to assemble a miniature version of my art supplies, hygiene supplies and jewelry. Then I can just throw them into my suitcase later too. Ahhh so I had one productive day this week! n_n yay!

So anyways, I'll ttyl.

Oh yeah my lunch was good today, I fixed some yummy gourmet sandwiches, using the nice french bread from COSTCO, some italian deli meats, deli-turkey, and some mexican cheese blend. It's so gewd. Then I cut up some watermelon... which I gotta go finish now... LATER!!!!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Changing Outfits

[Time: 14:19]
[Listening 2: nothin]
[Eating/Drinking: sushi/apple juice]
[Wearing: black shorts/tank]
[itinerary: clean]

Hiya! As you can see I changed my layout again!! I like this one though.... just so ya know I meant for the picture to be a little crude. It's supposed to look like a kiddie doodle or something. I spent most of the time drawing it just right, extracting the picture wasn't too hard. :)

Today I slept in late again!! Argh. But then I got up and did this, doodled, ate, watched a cartoon with Amara. I still haven't cleaned my room yet. I better do it soon, so it will be easier for me to pack later.... I'll do it tonight... hopefully.

So anyways, still nothin new. I think I'll call my chicadees and see if they want to have a sleepover or a movie night over here. Have to ask mi parentalz though. So yeah I'll stop boring you now!


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
New Layout...

[Time: 19:29]
[Listening 2: Sierra Mist Commercial]
[Eating/Drinking: chocolate chip bakies]
[Wearing: brown philippines tee and shorts]
[itinerary: watermelon]

hey ya'll!! i made a new layout cuz I really didn't like the other one anymore. I like this though, except I sorta don't like the pic anymore.

only 8 more days until Aunty Sherry gets here!! :) Can't wait to get to Calif. I should probably start thinkin about what I'm packing. We're only stayin for a month and we shop a lot when we get there so I won't bring too much. Tomorrow I have to clean up and stuff. We went to COSTCO today so we have enough foodies for the rest of the week.... There's really not much else to say. I want to see my friends one last time before I go, hopefully this weekend. So maybe me, deandra and eire can do something. I don't know what though... Maybe movies, mall, something. IDK, or a movie night in. Probably the latter. So anyways ttyl.


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Oh Happy Wednesday!!

[Time: 18:07]
[Listening 2: my airconditioner]
[Eating/Drinking: Water/Cherry Popsicle]
[Wearing: Jeans, Electric Blue Cami w/white hood top]
[itinerary: TV]

Hey ya'll well I woke up unusually late this morning after goin to bed late. So I mainly shopped on the computer. Anty O got me a $50 gift certif. for amazon!! :) Here's what I intend to buy:

OOh pretty right?? It's an MP3 player with video capability and a camera!!! OMG. It's only $94 too. SO hopefully it will be worth it. I have to use my other $50 from Anty S tho so mom has to go and deposit it in her bank acct so I can use it. :) CANNOT WAIT!!!

OOh, also today is the season finale of One Tree Hill!! :O Can't wait for that! :) I wonder what next season will be like.
I've also been watching this new show, "The Hidden Palms" it's okaay. There's this guy (whose name I forget) who moves to the area and is a recovering alcoholic/druggie since his dad killed himself in front of him last year. So he's dealin with all that when he moves into this house that a guy named "Eddie" used to live in, Eddie's best friend next door is a rich-party-boy-trouble-maker. Eddie supposedly killed himself. And there's this pretty girl named Greta too, dunno what her story is, supposedly was in love with Eddie when he died or somethin. Everyone's pretty tight-lipped about the whole Eddie thing. I'm thinkin that Greta had a sex change and is actually Eddie in disguise!!! LOLZ! But that would be awkward because now her and the new guy are all in l-o-v-e. So we'll see how that show works out. It seems a little bit to weird to me, but then again so is OTH. Anyways, ttyl!! :)

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Friday, June 08, 2007
Long Time Coming...

[Time: 20:15]
[Listening 2: Ambrielle "My own rendition of 'Somewhere only We Know'"]
[Eating/Drinking: nada]
[Wearing: shorts, green ribtank]
[itinerary: idk]

Wow it's been almost a month since I last posted. Most-likely because (1)I've been really busy!! (2)My mom hasn't had her laptop (3)Our PC has a new monitor that's blurry and hurts my head, and it's SLOW!

A bunch of stuff has happened, hence the extreme business.


1. I made CUPCAKES! :)

2. Had a Band Concert, people are callin it the best they've seen at our school in a while. I also went to competition for band we placed 1st in our district/category, and placed 3rd overall as a school (chorus and band). And won the ESPRIT award or somethin like that. Then we went to Busch Gardens Theme park and CELEBRATED!!! :)

3. Went to the beach(Wilmington)!!

And I while we were there we went to EUE/Screen Gems Studios where they film One Tree Hill among many other big productions. I toured the set, didn't get to see any stars though...


4. Graduated!!! (From middle school that is)

that's me and my bff Colleeen

that's me and my bff deandra

... my bff Sandra

... more of my bffs!! XD

A lot of my friends participated in the ceremony. My friend Erin was Valedictorian, my friend Kelly gave a chorus solo, and my friend Ikzuri presented our principal with a piece of her wonderful artwork. :)

So those are the highlights!! We'll be leaving for LA soon! Can't wait! OMG! Well ttyl!

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