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Friday, May 18, 2007
Dance Dance

[Time: 22:35]
[Listening 2: my washingmachine (literally)]
[Eating/Drinking: wota (water)]
[Wearing: tan cami and black shorts]
[itinerary: omg shower and sleep]

K so I got back from da dance like an hour or so ago. It was fun. I'm so sad it's the last dance. So many people didn't come though. My usual b4 the dance partay was good, small--only like 11 people. I will see if my peeples can send me some picz to post. (n-n)

Anyhoooo can't really say much right nowzz....hmm... well one of my classmates is really sick. It's pretty serious and sad, I won't say who and won't say exactly what happened but, she'll be out of school for a while and she feels really bad right now. She left on Wed. cuz she got violently sick and she had to go to the hospital for surgery. I don't know her really well, but I'm gonna go see her soon. Just to see how she's doing and let her know we're thinking of her. (u-u)

Wellz I will ttyl!!!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

[Time: 11:58]
[Listening 2: TV]
[Eating/Drinking: lots of liquids]
[Wearing: black shorts, baguio t-shirt]
[itinerary: lazy]

Hey guyses, well bff cbean just left around 9:30 this mornin. We had a sleepover, but I was all sick and it was just the two of us so it wasn't too high energy. :/ I finished coding a new layout etc. :) But today I have to do some homework and clean up. So not much news or anything. I have an EOC benchmark for Geometry this week and that's about it. My allergies are driving me nuts, and now I have a cold. :( I have having colds. Especially when it's warm outside. Argh. So anyways I am gonna go. Bye Bye.

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