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Saturday, September 15, 2007
Back At School

[Time: 20:20]
[Listening 2: nothing]
[Eating/Drinking: Water and cookies]
[Wearing: white tank and black "love hurts" shorts]
[itinerary: shower]

Heya guys, I had a sleepover last night with my bffs deandra and colleeny. it was lots of fun, we just talked a lot, tried to play checkers but didn't, watched some funny vids on youtube, listened to music vids, cranked dat soulja boy, ate a lot of ice cream and watched some movies and just messed around. we put my mattress on the floor last night and me and colleen slept on that, i woke up cuz with a cramp in my leg from sleeping curled up. we slept in this morning and didn't wake up until my mama told us deandra's dad and bro were here, then we made waffles and eggs and had breakfast and finished watching "Pretty in Pink." So it was fun just chillin with the girlies, they stayed a while cuz my dad and dee's dad were talkin so dee's bro hung out with us. Then they all left and I got started on my homework. I still haven't finished though. I have to finish my essay and do some research for my 2 science projects, and if I feel really goody goody I might even practice on my bass clarinet. omg I can't wait to quit band. i really don't like it anymore, my teacher's a little weird and i just don't enjoy the whole experience anymore. plus I hate having to pick up and bring back my big instrument case. Argh. I had a pretty productive day though, I cleaned and stuff. anyways, I think mi mama may be getting me a domain of my own. :) so I'll ttyl!!

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